Clinton Hill Brownstone

Clinton Hill Brownstone is a four story single family brownstone located in Brooklyn NY.  

The recently purchase house was in poor shape and had evidence of the last renovation details from the 1970’s from the laminate countertop and linoleum tile in the kitchen to a single color green bathroom to the stone veneer over the landmarked brownstone façade.

The new renovation accommodates the modern open kitchen on the basement level which opens to the rear garden through a new steel & glass French door. A new steel beam was installed at the rear brick wall to create a widened opening for the French door.  The Garden receive a new brick patio and stair to the upper part of the garden.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The parlor level received a new fireplace insert behind the Victorian marble fireplace surround and a new flue to the roof.  The ceiling plaster crown molding and ceiling decorative trim was falling from the lath and were removed where loose and restored.

On the bedroom levels new bathrooms were installed where they did not exist before and a new master closet was carved out of a new floor plan.

The original floor were retained and repaired where deteriorated.