GEORGE ARCHITECT is an architecture design firm based New York with collaborators in London and West Africa.

Over the past ten year history and drawing from past successful project experiences, GEORGE ARCHITECT has focused on a wide variety of project types in residential, commercial and institutional work.                                                                 

GEORGE ARCHITECT operates with a working philosophy that is base on a commitment to a refined timeless modern design.  This is guided by a careful analysis and straightforward consideration of all design decisions including context, history, program and materials with new technology and sustainable concepts as the key focus.  Our approach evolves with a clearly crafted modern solution tailored to our client’s aspirations with thoughtful considerations of the budget and schedule.                                                               

As a diverse design practice, GEORGE ARCHITECT offers full architecture design, interior design and construction services to our clients.  We are committed to and value the collaborative process of working very closely as partners with all stake holders.



Architecture Design

Interior Architecture

Urban Design

Construction Management


Building Code and Zoning Analysis

Department of Buildings Approval

Landmarks Preservation Commission Approval


TYPE (represents past & present projects)

RESIDENTIAL - multi-family, condominium, affroadable housing, senior housing, single family, apartment renovation, brownstones, row houses, vacation homes, weekend cabins & shipping container homes

COMMERCIAL - hotel, mixed-use, restaurants, retail, fashion boutique showrooms, warehouse

INSTITUTIONAL - schools, kindergarten, daycare center, community centers, library, art gallery, 

All traditional architecture styles are considered.